What to Do…When You don’t Know What to Do!

What to Do....When You Don't Know What to DoI was in a phase last week where the same thing I always do – my same process – wasn’t working in a certain area of our business all of a sudden.

Now, I know enough not to check results when I’m in seed planting time and progression time. However, I am also the leader of my organization and if something isn’t working, I need to take a long, hard look at myself and figure out what has shifted or where I can get better.

This whole past week has involved the following inner conversation over and over and over…

“That’s weird, that shouldn’t have happened. Something’s not right.”

“What’s not right? What changed?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s this?”

“No, that can’t be it. Maybe it’s them.”

“No, maybe it’s you.”

“Me?…okay…well, here’s where things went wonky. So, that must be it.”

“No I don’t think so, I think it’s this.” …and so on and so on.

I kid you not, that was me trying to figure it all out. Has anyone else ever felt that way in any endeavor? Whether it be a change in your child’s behavior, something up with your husband, a shift in the workplace, or a product release receiving a different reaction than you expected?

So what on earth do we do? Where do we start? How do we figure it out? Well, here’s what I did…

I KEPT TAKING ACTION in the very same area that I was insecure and confused about. I kept going.

Most success books that you’ll read will tell you that you don’t learn it and then do it; rather, you do it and then learn it. It’s called “try, fail, adjust.” Not “think about it, figure it out, get it perfect, and then go do it.” Be okay with messing it up a few times. Otherwise, you’ll never find out how you can get better, what works and what doesn’t work, or what to do differently next time.

Any scientist knows that you can hypothesize all day long, but it’s not until you test your theory that you can begin to develop a solution to a problem.

I kept acting, despite my fear and hesitation, applying shifts in mentality here and there, and do you know what happened?

I figured it out!!! I could have been at a stand still for weeks trying to figure it out before I went out there and tried it again. Instead, I did the thing afraid and uncertain, it gave me enough experiences to work with that I realized what I needed to change.

Scientists know that too – you need enough data to work with before you can come to a conclusion.

And, as always, the multiplier is Faith, and also some grace for yourself. I personally believe God blesses action. Acting on Faith opens the door for God to move in the situation. And I promise, once you allow Him to get involved, the answer you’re looking for will come.

The moral of the story? No matter how contradictory it may sound…when you don’t know what to do, go do it.


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