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Many of you have asked me, whether in a comment or a private message, what my husband and I do. I thought it would be good to share our story so ya’ll can get to know me a bit better.

About 6 years ago, I moved from Philadelphia area to Orlando to work at Disney World. I was pursuing a career in professional theatre, and I had always wanted to work at Disney in entertainment so I decided to relocate there and see what the theatre scene was all about. I had all the hope in the world, I was so excited, but then it just wasn’t what I thought it was going to be – the opportunities were few, the environment and the people were very negative, and mostly the money wasn’t great.

So I actually found myself working a traditional corporate type job for the first time in my life. With a background in theatre, I had never worked doing anything else before. And right away I knew that I did NOT want to do that for the next 40 years of my life like my coworkers planned to. It was awful. Around that time, I started to look into other options. I had gotten into grad school back in PA for theatre and early childhood education. I was looking into ways to market myself as a private acting coach.

And right then I actually met my husband here in Orlando! He had just started working with a group of entrepreneurs who had figured out a way to create financial freedom and retire in their 30’s. I was very intrigued by that, I had never heard anything like it! The way he spoke about these people and what they were doing…I just wanted to know more and to meet them.

And when I did, it changed my whole world. The opportunity, the people, the environment, the income I was looking for…all there! And more than that, the heart, the passion, the relationships, the ability to dig my heels into something worthwhile, and be a part of something great…I found it all.Our Story

Fast forward to today, we have actually earned their mentorship and they are personally coaching us to create financial independence and do what they did. Now, we work with them to pay it forward to others who might be looking for the same things in their lives. The more people you help get what they want, you’ll automatically find what you want too. People helping people.

So that’s our mission! Here in the next year, I will no longer work for anyone else but myself and my family, and then my husband will follow close behind in the next 2 years. But we know that with great freedom, comes great responsibility. We will use that freedom to help others to accomplish the very same thing! How cool is that?


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