May Goals!

May Goals: Just a decision!It’s May! A month full of promise and warmth and blossoms. For many of you or your children, school’s out soon. Or you’re transitioning to something new or different during the summer months. You are counting down the days to a trip or an event or a milestone. Good things are sure to come!

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” –Isaiah 43:19 NLT

I wanted to share my goals for May with ya’ll and I hope you’ll leave a comment sharing yours with me!!

I use Lara Casey’s Powersheets goal planner, which you can find here in a six month undated version!! I’m a little bit…or a lot…obsessed with it. And my Cultivate What Matters sticker book!! These resources make working toward my larger goals simple and fun by breaking them down into bite-sized pieces month by month and being able to be creative with it all!

What I’m learning right now is that goals don’t take talent, they take a decision. And then managing that decision daily. Plus, you can’t hit a goal you don’t set. I know there’s humor in that statement, but it’s so true! I must learn to lead myself if I’m to lead others. And I’m just one decision away from becoming the me I picture in my mind, the me I know I’m designed and called to be!!

May goals: Just a decisionMy monthly goals for May:

  • Build intentional relationships and find ways to serve the ladies on our team. Grab coffee, pick up the phone (no texting…relationships aren’t built through texting), and find little ways to bless them.
  • Volume and team growth goals specific to our business. Through building intentional relationships and serving our team, we’ll accomplish those goals for sure.
  • Bring my piano to Florida. I haven’t been able to play in about 6 years, but my piano finally arrives from my parent’s home on Tuesday the 16th!
  • Clean/declutter. To be honest, I haven’t gotten too specific about this one, which probably means I won’t accomplish much until I set specific goals. I have been slowly cleaning and decluttering around the house recently…little by little.

May GoalsMy weekly goals for May:

  • Activity goal specific to our business growth over the next 8 weeks.
  • A full calendar. I am capable of so much more than I realize. You are capable of so much more than you realize.
  • Speaking my husbands love languages. For more information on this, pick up a copy of The Five Love Languages. (link)
  • Gym 2x/week – lose 2 more lbs. I’m already a little off track on this one, partly due to the full calendar goal, so I definitely give myself grace on that. Might get knocked down to 1x/week, but it’s going to be consistency that wins in the end!
  • Communicate with my mentors. This produces such an important accountability factor in my life. It is precious. This is a daily priority for sure.
  • Blog post – 1x/week. Consistency, again, is the key. And of course, I love it!

May GoalsMy daily goals for May:

  • Bible/prayer/gratitude time. This makes all the difference in the world each day. It shades everything a whole different color. I tend to have a much better attitude, and also am more aware of the opportunities around me when I start my day this way.
  • Make a new friend. So important when growing any business to network and build new relationships.
  • Water intake. I need to consume 65oz/day based on my weight. My goal is to do at least 40, often I drink even more. I’m starting to actually enjoy this daily habit!
  • Quiet time to plan and prepare. I tend to do this late at night before bed. It’s been really helping me be productive the next day. It’s also been a time of self-care as well. I feel full and rested after I take this time for myself each night, even if it’s at midnight!
  • Expectation. This is something I’m being more aware of both in my positive attitude and in the words I speak aloud over myself, my husband, our business, and so on.
  • Read. Nothing helps me grow personally more than reading at least 15 minutes of a success book daily. They do say, “Leaders are readers,” so I’m believing it!

What are your May goals? Do you use powersheets? Share a link to your May goals here so we can support each other!!


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6 thoughts on “May Goals!

  1. I cannot agree with you more that it’s just a choice. I talk to clients all of the time about how motivation isn’t some magical thing-it’s a choice we make to take action!

  2. It’s great how motivated you are!! After reading the post I thought that maybe I should make a similar post. I have a plan for May (it’s more just marked goals than an actual plan) but it’s not so detailed and I when I think about it, I’m not using my time correctly. I should think about writing down the actual steps for achieving my monthly goals. Thank you for the inspiration!! Wish you a very successful May!!!

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