Guest Post: 3 Lies the Enemy Tells You and the Truth that Will Set You Free!

Guest Post Lies vs TruthHello friends! This week, I had the opportunity to guest write for the wonderful Tayrina at His Purpose in Me. I love her blog – it is beautiful, full of truth and purpose, and I find myself saying “amen!” & “exactly!!” every time I read her posts. I really enjoyed writing for her!! Here’s a sneak peak of my guest post…

3 Lies the Enemy Tells You and the TRUTH that Will Set You Free!

“I have nothing to offer.” How many of us wonder, “What do I have to give, Lord?”

“The opposite of what I say will happen.” Ever heard someone say, “Don’t jinx yourself!”or “Knock on wood!”?

“She’s further along so I must be doing something wrong.” Have you ever noticed someone who appears to have it all together and found yourself comparing your progress to their success?

Head on over to His Purpose in Me to read the TRUTH!!


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