5 Ways to Fill Your Heart with Fall!

My heart literally swoons for Fall! Anyone else? The changing colors, the crisp air, boots and hot chocolate. But alas, I live in Florida now.

Swoon no more. Now, my heart aches for Autumn feelings, the warmth of a spice tea, the scent of a pumpkin candle…In the past, I had found myself becoming a bit resentful to living down here.

So, this season, I’ve come to terms with the fact that this has everything to do with self-care for me. I have to be intentional about adding little Fall things to my life – a Fall scent for our home, cozy recipes, etc.

This year, I’ve come up with a list of ways to be intentional about enjoying Fall in Florida, and I am sticking to it this year. I may not have the real ambiance, but I can create my own!

5 Ways to Fill Your Heart with Fall…

  • Light an Autumn scented candle, grab a blanket and some tea, and watch a heartwarming movie. The Secret Garden was my first pick so far!
  • Find a pumpkin patch or festival. Yes, they actually have those in Florida! We picked out a couple pumpkins on Saturday. Yes, they’re shipped in from up North and placed in a row to fool you into thinking that they were grown here!
  • A good pair of boots and a cute fall dress. Some warmer shades, like reds. Yes, it gets chilly here even though no one admits it to Northerners because Floridians want to boast about the warm weather it seems.
  • Make some lovely Fall recipes – like stuffed squash or pumpkin muffins! Recently, I made peach cobbler, which is a very comforting dish!
  • Make the switch from iced coffee to hot coffee. It’s time.


How are you celebrating Fall this year with you and yours?


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