Dream Building at Parade of Homes!

Dream BuildingWhen’s the last time you test drove a Maserati, or visited an open house for a million dollar home? Prior to meeting my husband, the answer for me was never. My self-image just wouldn’t allow me to do those things. I used to think I’d be getting my hopes up, as people always say.

But what I learned from my husband and the people we’re in business with is that if we don’t have a clear picture of what we want, we’ll never have it. I believe that more people in this world need to be stretched, need to expand their vision of what’s possible in their lives.

In our home, we have several vision boards up, we’ve put pictures on our refrigerator of what we want our lives to look like and places we want to go. We have vision all over our home. We even do things for our team to paint a vision for them as well. It has become fun, and you start to believe this could really be possible!

I learned that you can’t kid your subconscious, and you’ll find yourself taking steps toward your dreams and goals once they’re clear and always in front of you, almost without even realizing it.

This past Sunday, we took a few people on our team to Parade of Homes Orlando. It was so cool to see people walking into a 2.9 million dollar home for the first time. We had a blast too! Here are some photos from the day…

I loved this kitchen, although maybe not the lights. Love the marble. I know I want wolf/sub-zero appliances in our dream home. I also know that I want some counter space that is actually wood block like one big cutting board. Getting specific is important!

I WILL have a window seat in our home. Deeper and obviously cushioned with a ton of pillows. It will be in my library/office room!

                      Beautiful French Provincial style home                     

Modern Colonial style. I do love love love the idea of the double porch. We’d put rocking chairs and a porch swing!!

Just lovely. I loved the landscaping around this pool.It felt secluded too, the perfect place for family.

This was one that we walked by, and I fell in love with it’s cottage feel. How darling, right?

Every girl’s gotta have her closet room! This one isn’t quite what I’d want, but I loved the colors and feel. I’ve got to have even more space though for sure.(Anyone ever toured a home and had to wear the little bootie things over their shoes??)

Welcome to our (future) home! Just a typical day!

This is hands down the most gorgeous dining room I’ve ever seen at parade of homes. Put a different picture over the fireplace, and it is just perfect for us. I will be holding onto this picture until I can recreate this in our own home.

Loved this kitchen, again not sure about the lights though. I love the bar chairs and the backsplash.

In home movie theatre. This was a big one, there’s a whole other row of seats behind my husband. Probably seats about 10-12 people. Sound proofing curtain and window treatments. It was great!!

How beautiful! The only thing I’d change is I’d make it a spa tub with a jets.

And last, but not least, a firepit IN THE POOL!! We are definitely doing this someday!

What do you think? What’s your favorite picture? What are some features you know you want in your dream home? What style do you want it to be? Go ahead…DREAM BIG!!


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4 thoughts on “Dream Building at Parade of Homes!

  1. Life requires vision. We burn out without it, and we don’t ever have proper direction. I love the vision board idea and the way you’re living it out.

  2. I LOVE the idea of a vision board. It makes so much sense to me to be able to actually see the things you are aiming for instead just imagining them. I feel like it’s more motivating that way.

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