These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Friday Favorites! These are just a few of my favorite things this week. Moving forward, this is something I’m going to do only on the last Friday of every month instead of weekly. What do ya’ll think about that? Well here we go… Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher I love mine!! I’ve increased my water intake […]

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Why are They Growing and I’m Not?

I sat down with a young lady on our team this past week who has been a bit discouraged lately about her progress. She told me she loves the personal growth she is seeing in herself, but she doesn’t see anything on the outside yet. No tangible results to show for her effort. She explained […]

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An Empowering Partnership

Something a little bit different this week! I recently partnered with Karmically Scripted to write for her #thepowertoempower series! It was so EMPOWERING to work with her, we even had a Q&A session just to get to the good stuff for the story. I had a blast, and I love what she has set out […]

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